REEF – Founder and owner of REEFZWORLD Entertainment. Introducing his campaign through & Expanding through & Hosting, Reefzworld Radio, & co-hosting D’sNuts Comedy, High Society Radio & more. Managing REEFZWORLD’s lead artist A-RON, the resurrect-er of Hip Hop. Promoting  upcoming underground Hip Hop artists such as Inglorious Bastards, an alliance of artists demonstrating unvarnished, real Hip Hop talent straight out of the slums of New Jersey. Bringing you the realest in entertainment – gossip, comedy, sports, music and so much more.


DJ STRIKE – Whether it’s in front of thousands of people on stage or it’s in front of thousands on Live in the Basement, Strike comes with the precise definition of his name delivering REAL Hip Hop on the turntables! Moving the crowd with his music, vibe, & voice as shown in concerts with De La Soul, Butta Verses & latest tour with Dres of Black Sheep, demonstrates what he feels is the true essence of Hip Hop. Catch him spinning Live in the Basement or at a town/city/state/country near you!




A-RON – “The leader of the gang, you can call me the Brad Pitt” A-Ron; here to restore Hip Hop back to its true nature. His lyrical intellect dominates other MC’s, who lack depth and true meaning behind each word. Choosing a path of Hip Hop art at nearly 12, his dream began in a school cafeteria and at times even after school, almost anywhere that A-Ron saw a crowd he projected a passion for spoken poetry. Now, making his own stamp in Hip Hop A-Ron’s expectation is to put New Jersey on the map, with an elite squad of MC’s, as the home of one of the most talented Hip Hop artists, ready to take Hip Hop music back to its true essence.




D – Host of D’s Nuts Radio & D’s Nuts In Your FACE! Delivering the most exclusive interviews from music artists, to actors, to fighters, to REAL LIFE PEOPLE. Tune into D’s Nuts Radio every Tuesday 10pm est time.



BROTHA RUSSIA – Producer for Reefzworld Sounds and Reefzworld’s Artists. His unique style of beats range from varieties of music, such as Hip Hop & Electronica to movie or game sound production. Contact Brotha Russia for beats!




DENNY – Host of High Society Radio & Head Security at World Security. His raw & witty character mixed with his flavor of music in your ear, is what he brings to the radio. Outside his show, he is also Head Security at all Reefzworld events. World Security promises you a fun & safe time!




BIG JAVI – Co-host on High Society Radio – sports caster & a security for World Security.  On his spare time, he incorporates his creativity into our logo designing.