9-11-2010 <– Click Date To Listen

No Talk, All Music

  1. A-Ron – Fear
  2. Kon- My Life
  3. D. Schwartz – Sucka Blogga
  4. Tiye Pheonix- 48 Bars Of Progression
  5. Kalil Kash- Bang
  6. Bobby Crillz- Beware
  7. Rhymageddon- Nj Hip Hop Is The Movement
  8. Fel- You A Hater
  9. Square Off- Light Up
  10. S-God- Uptown
  11. Butta Verses- Bible Bitches
  12. Koncept- Keeping On
  13. Mess Mooka- Hit Em Up
  14. Shawn Caliber- No More Excuses
  15. A-Ron- Call Me

09-04-2010 <– Click date to listen

No Talk , All Music

  1. D. Schwartz- Invincable
  2. Square Off – Light Up
  3. Butta Verses – Love Me Like This
  4. Bobby Crillz- The Progression
  5. Rhymageddon- Da Bidness
  6. Kon- The Gift
  7. Mess Mooka- Hit Em Up
  8. Ill-iteracy – Shawdy Wassyaname ft. J. White
  9. Kalil Kash- Madness
  10. Fel- 32 bars of stress
  11. A-Ron- Cheers
  12. Koncept- Keeping on
  13. Shawn Caliber- No More Excuse
  14. S.God- Blowin Money Fast Remix ft. Byrd Lady, D Drugz, & Zilla
  15. D.Schwartz- Filth Verses (feat Butta Verses)

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