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01.18.2011 <— Click to listen

Happy New Year first and foremost from the entire REEFZWORLD/DsNuts family!

Check out Last week’s topics on D’sNuts Radio:

  1. Brett Favre’s sister Brandi Favre was arrested during a raid done at a meth lab
  2. Ted “Golden Voice” Williams admits himself into rehab for drugs and alcohol
  3. Winter ’10-’11 has struck snow in 49 of 50 states, except Florida
  4. Large amounts of animals found dead in different parts of US & World

Next week tune in for your chance to win our secret prize by answering our question of the week!


10.05.2010 <— Click to listen

This month of October is gonna be the biggest month so far on DsNuts Radio Tonight we will kick things off with breast cancer awareness month, where dj seven sounds will be joining us to talk about his upcoming event at Kafe Lounge in Elizabeth to raise money & awareness for this cause.

  1. Boston firefighter get oxygen masks for pets.
  2. Police investigate new show “Sister Wives”
  3. Tv host announces wrong winner of top model
  4. Phone number on Ochocinco cereal box turns out too be phone sex line
  5. Singer Mario arrested

09.28.2010 <— Click to listen

Valley Ghost Hunters Society





09.07.2010 <–click to listen


Past guests called in to congratulate D’s Nuts Radio on our 1 year anniversary; callers such as Gano GrillsCharlie BDJ Phoenix, etc.


  1. Montana teen texts sheriff accidentally for weed
  2. Black Widow makes world record eats 181 hot wings in 12 minutes
  3. Grenade, guns, weed found in New Mexico goodwill box
  4. 56 year old woman spills hot tea on herself, causes plane to make emergency landing
  5. Reggie Bush losing his Heisman trophy

Check us out next week where Mr. Pick Flick gives you his picks on new released movies!! D’s Nuts Radio

08.31.2010 <–click to listen

Special guest co-host NVS joined D’s Nuts Radio for this episode.


  1. Tiger cub found in suitcase at Thai airport
  2. Line up for Dancing With the Stars including Bristol Palin (Sarah Palin’s daughter)
  3. Ex FEMA chief says fatal mistake was made in Katrina response
  4. Paris Hilton arrested in coke possession AGAIN!
  5. Yard sale patron hits man with pan
  6. Mistaken ID lands pastor in jail
  7. Man exchanges two phony 1 million dollar bills at bank

To hear past shows just click here. –> D’sNutsRadio


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