The Life & Times of A-Ron

A-Ron performing at Englishtown Raceway Park

Message from A-Ron, “This is MY year!”

Crowd at Mood during A-Ron performance

A-Ron…ready to impact the world! Creating his own style of Hip Hop, his mixtape series- aTunes, is just a taste of what’s to come on his upcoming album The Ath Wonder.

“The leader of the gang you can call me the Brad Pitt” A-Ron

A-Ron first realized his rhyming skill at the age of 12, where his dream began in a school cafeteria, after school playground, or almost anywhere that A-Ron saw a crowd of freestyling MC’s. He marked his territory as one of the most skillful rappers of his age group.

At the age of 15, he got his first break with Alkatraxx. Then, after a year of recording music, A-Ron, had a run in with the law, forcing Alkatraxx to drop him from their label.

After cleaning up his act,  A-Ron ran into friends and former partner Cito and producer Surg, at an ongoing battle at a neighborhood park. Together, they formed Narkotix and released a fury of music, which was later lost due to inexperience and lack of truth. A-Ron and Surg recorded what he claimed to be, “the illest lyrics” he ever wrote, all onto beats (according to Surg) produced by him. Later he learned all of the beats were plagiarized, making all of his hard work and sweat dedicated into two albums, worth nothing. Needless to say, they were no longer recording together, and after an altercation between the two, a spiteful “beat maker” disposed of all his music.


A young discouraged rapper and partner parted ways in search of beat makers and managers, which then led Cito to Florida, where he was later arrested and unreachable. What started off as a hiatus, soon turned into what he thought would be a permanent break from his musical poetry, when rapper A-Ron, learned his girlfriend was expecting his child.

After approximately two years of recovery, A-Ron found himself a light of encouragement when founder of Reefzworld, presented him with the idea of internet-radio hosting. His show would be entitled Str8Raw Radio, the next thing in Hip Hop Radio. By displaying his talent along with revealing undisguised standpoints on the game and the rawest in Hip Hop music, it became all he needed to get himself back into shape.

Back in the studio, and working hard alongside Reefzworld Production, A-Ron is breaking all barriers and proving the true resurrection of Hip Hop is here.

Recording lost years of music, A-Ron is here to restore Hip Hop back to its true nature. His lyrical intellect dominates other MC’s, who lack depth and true meaning behind each word, projecting a passion for spoken poetry. Now, making his own stamp in Hip Hop A-Ron’s expectation is to put New Jersey back on the map, with an elite squad, The Rebel Mics, as the home of one of the most talented unsigned Hip Hop artists.

From Jersey natives such as Queen Latifah, Naughty By Nature, and Redman he believes Hip Hop would be no where without the support of fans, other artists, and the people who truly believe Hip Hop is not dead. With hard work and dedication, A-Ron is ready to take Hip Hop music back to its true essence.

A-Ron recording at Big As Life Recording Studio

A-Ron Str8raw Radio

A-Ron performing at Englishtown Raceway Park

A-Ron & model Kit Kat on stage

A-Ron, Brotha Russia, & Reef of Reefzworld Entertainment



Big As Life Recording Studio



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