Dj Strike & Dres (BLACKSHEEP) Rocked The Show @ Cervantes’ Ballroom

Article By: Brian Turk From

Black Sheep: Black Sheep’s “The Choice is Yours” is the first hip-hop song I learned all the words to back in 1992, and Saturday night was the first time I ever got to awkwardly rap them along to a live performance. It was epic. Dres got us all to crouch down to the floor, slowly chanting “engine, engine, number nine, on the New York transit line” building us to a frenzied explosion of “pick it up, pick it up, PICK IT UP! BACK ON THE SCENE…” The place was packed and bouncing and as he spit the lyrics. “Anytime capacity was filled-tried to rock it. Anytime a honey gave us play-tried to knock it.” A lot of us felt like we were living the words right at that moment! Dres is actually only half of the original Black Sheep but Mista Lawnge and he are no longer working together.

Dres was careful to identify himself and DJ Strike as “representing” the group Black Sheep repeatedly throughout the night and never actually said “We are Black Sheep.” Dres played some newer material that was just as pure and authentic as his work in the early nineties. DJ Strike that Dres had with him was amazing! I don’t see turntable skills like that often. Real records, the fader flying from left to right, constant cueing and bringing it back, and the elusive crab scratch. He worked the mic like a real DJ should, and the two of them gave us an amazing set!

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